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My name is Thomas Schneider and I am a DJ from Berlin, I was born and raised there, but always loved to travel around my country and further every time I had a chance, this tradition was inherited to me from my parents, when I was a kid my parents used to take me to trips around Germany, often we would pack up on Friday, go out of town and visit some place that we have never been before, my father was a real traveler by heart, he couldn’t function right without it, he worked at one of the biggest car factories and had a very stressful and exhausting schedule, traveling was a kind of medicine for him, going out in nature and enjoying the beauty and mysteriousness of the wild world, where men had no control and everything was frozen in time, our world is heavily dependent on the technology we have built around ourselves, we are so stuck in it that often it is choking us and dragging us in the monotone life that a human individual is not used to, the ideal environment for me is the one that our kind has been living in for thousands of years, pure nature around us and nothing to distract us from the reality of our living, that is the ideal perspective, but mankind is progressing and like it or not we are more and more bound to the technologies that we create, so in my opinion it is compulsory for us to rest from this crazy world time after time, everyone that has been on a trip can agree with me that being surrounded by nature is the best antidepressant you can get, my father often told me that and apart from talking about that topic, he never missed a chance to take me and my brothers camping somewhere in the woods.

He seemed so pacified in the nature that it was visible on the first glance, we would often go camping for 2 or even 3 days and returning back to town was always stressful for my father, we could see that his heart was dragging him behind in the nature, but the responsibilities left in town were inevitable, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to afford our living. Even though technology back then was not as advanced as it is now, people were still very depended on it, most of it came from the responsibilities everyone had in the city, work, study other activities were taking the most of our time and on top of that we German people are very hardworking, that with all its pros can be considered as a serious negative characteristic, because you have practically no time to live after work or after a full day of being in an university.

One thing that is great about camping in nature is that you feel very rested after that, as if you have been refilled with energy and surely ready for the tiresome week that was ahead of you. My father died when I was 20, he told us before that he would like his ashes to be sprayed in his favorite forest, we gladly obeyed, even though it was hard at first and I can’t completely get over it, I like to visit the place he liked very much, it is my place to go every time I feel sad or get tired of long hours of working, my father was always a great friend for us, always listened to what we had to say and treated us like we were his best friends, me and my brothers had a strong bond with him, so it is always nice to visit the place he loved being at and talking to him in my mind. Not as often as my father used to take us, but I use every chance I can, to go out in nature till this day, sometimes I go there with my friends and we always have a good time, it’s amazing how much fun you can have just by being in the right company in the right place. There are times, when I like to go camping alone, when I need to think about something, serious decisions in my life where very often made when camping in the nature, and the problems I had popped right out of my head in two days of being out in the wild.

Even though as a DJ a have been in many countries around the world, some of them are remembered by me as more special, than others, an example of that is country Georgia, about which I want to write about in the next article, how I traveled there and how I met some very good people like Bera , who is a famous singer and as it turned out a very down to earth guy.

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Free Online Game – Duck Life 4 is a video game created by Addisonr and released in 2011. The video game features a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with a distinct arcade feeling. It is key-board and also mouse regulated. If you have actually played Unreal Competition, you’ll really feel a great deal of similarities right here. There are 2 plot-driven campaigns, each centered around a different in-game faction (one is people and the other is aliens). The human campaign is implied to be the much easier of the 2, providing different degrees of problem to every campaign. There are additionally several different basic suit types, including Deathmatch, Removal, Capture the Flag, Dominance as well as Juggernaught.


Throughout the project, game is merely a sidescrolling shooter. You use the arrowhead tricks (conversely the WASD tricks) to move, crouch and duck, as well as you utilize the mouse to factor as well as click to shoot. As you play you acquire points with which you could acquire brand-new weapons and abilities for fast suits or future degrees.

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The fast matches are possibly one of the most habit forming part of Tunnel Rush Free Game , as well as they’ll what’ll bring you back once again and once more. Deathmatch is a typical kill-to-score type of video game. You could play on groups or alone, and whoever reaches the collection amount of factors initially wins.

Elimination is kind of like Deathmatch, yet emphasizes survival instead of murder; each gamer begins with a collection quantity of lives. When all lives are shed, you no longer respawn. The last player standing wins.

Catch the Flag is very conventional. You have a flag, as well as your opponents have a flag. Take their own and also bring it to your game online to score, and also stop them from taking your own as well as scoring with it.

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Supremacy is area-based. In there are numerous locations on the degree which are marked by flags. Your goal is to hold the location to rack up factors. For every 3 secs the point is held, your group will rack up one factor up until one team scores the optimum number of factors for that suit.

Juggernaut will know for those of you that are well-experienced when it pertains to playing shooters of any type of kind. gamefudge one gamer is the juggernaut and obtains rewards to their damages as well as wellness stats. The only means to rack up factors is by becoming the juggernaut and eliminating adversaries; you come to be the juggernaut only by eliminating the present one.

During game, you can switch over buttons by pressing the assigned tool switch (one to seven on your key-board). Your default tool, a pistol, is in the initial port, however you could purchase various other pistol-type weapons to put in that slot with credit scores gained by playing.

Advice Relocating your cursor all the means away of the Vex 3 video game or the other will certainly permit you to see even more in that instructions. When you’re trying to remain in location and/or ambush opponents, it’s really helpful.

You could win extra credit scores by playing Online 2048 Cupcakes Free Games on a higher trouble establishing.

Attempt to time your powerup grabs at important times; absolutely nothing is worse than being invincible however having no one around to eliminate!

The in-game tutorial is a must.

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This internet site enables you to play Cubefield game for complimentary, no strings connected. No registration required– simply play.

The video game showcases a scrolling, platforming kind of shooter with an unique game feel. As you play you obtain factors with which you can buy brand-new weapons and abilities for future levels or fast suits.

During games, you could change buttons by pushing the assigned tool button (one to 7 on your keyboard). Your default weapon, a gun, is in the first port, however you can acquire other pistol-type tools to put in that port with credits made by playing. Moving your cursor all the method to one side of the Play Run 3 Unblocked or the other will certainly permit you to see additionally in that instructions.